How To Get Hired As An English Teacher

Have you been applying as an English teacher both locally and abroad but haven’t been successful so far? Are you wondering why some people find it easy to get hired even if you are as good as them or even better? Are you fully committed to giving all of your efforts when getting hired in a company?


For some people, it is really not so easy for them to be employed. It takes months for them to find a new job, and it is not usually because they don’t have any previous work experience. They haven’t found the best secrets to nail the English Teacher Resume and job interview yet.

What are the best things to do to pass the application process? Here are two most important factors to consider when applying to a company.

Create a great resume

No matter how experienced you are at a certain field, it won’t matter if you have a lot of competitors and if your resume is too plain or boring. Make it interesting and compelling, and companies will call you at once and schedule a job interview for you.

The best English Teacher resume must include specific tasks for each work experience that you had. If you have been an 8th Grade English Teacher, emphasize the most important tasks that you did and start your statements with active verbs such as instruct, monitor, administer, prepare, develop, improve, assess, and utilize. With these active verbs, you have given yourself a higher chance of being hired.

Prepare for the interview

Many people are actually intelligent, but they can’t nail interviews simply because they do not prepare for it. Gather the most common interviews, and master the most common but important question, “Could you tell me something about yourself?” Be confident and there will be more than a hundred percent that you are going to get hired.

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